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TeamViewer Headquarters

Yerevan, Armenia




Located in an idle Soviet factory in Yerevan, Armenia, the TeamViewer headquarters is conceived as an open-zoned office plan that examines the legibility of a series of objects through moments of flattening. A characteristic mostly associated with the image, flattening pushes the specific forms and spatial conditions required for a technology company headquarters to oscillate between 2 and 3-dimensional readings. Through the layering of finish materials, furniture, and suspended partitions with assigned degrees of textural rustication and color gradient, the synthesis of flatness with depth produce a dynamic and immersive experience.


As an organizational strategy, the color gradient enables the zoning of working pods and activated spaces for break out areas by distinguishing them with tone. The arrangement of the pods is according to a collaborative structure so that teams who interact the most have an adjacency.


The palette materializes as surfaces, furniture objects, and spatial conditions that collect to produce legible territories and volumes within the open office field condition. Here, breakout zones in the foreground framed by colored surfaces suspended and applied at various axes, are designated amidst workstations beyond. Through the projection of the color gradient, the disparate elements are correlated and synthesized again into a whole through their tonal relationships.


A set of suspended scrims form an added zoning mechanism, as well as a visual barrier to offer some local privacy. The custom made translucent screens are hung strategically at key perspective intervals identified by a digital design process, such that they obscure views between pods when employees are stationed and working at their desks but open up, offering multiple lines of sight as employees move across the space.


The project also features MNOffice’s office furniture line, Jigsaw, powder coated to align with the overarching color scheme.

Image Credit: 

Hacob Photography, 2018

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