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How We Live Exhibit

Los Angeles, CA




The exhibit features 40, 5’x7’ photographs printed as translucent screens and suspended from an intricate tensile network within an industrial warehouse space.  Expressly grouped and choreographed, the arrayed field of images frame strategic perspectives that are meant to invoke the world depicted in the images, directing one through a visual and emotional progression conveying each subject’s intimate story.  Along with the still images, multimedia projection screens are integrated adding an element of further discovery as the viewer comes upon images in the suspended field which are not merely still but rather moving and alive.  Exhibit goers are encouraged to navigate the field, enabled to view the photographs from a 360 degree vantage point, up close and personal.  The immersive experience generated by the unconventional presentation of the photographs, blurs the distinction between exhibit goer and exhibited content, eliminates the notion of voyeurism and fosters the development of a mutual cause, eradicating any preconceived ideas of ‘us’ and ‘them’.

In Collaboration with Sara Anjargolian

Image Credit:

Sara Anjargolian, 2010

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