SB Pediatric Dental Clinic

Ventura County, CA

2018 - 


This project engages the typical Southern California strip mall. In doing so it leverages the introverted organizational tendencies of this sub‐urban condition to break the sterile and hermetic nature of a pediatric dental clinic. The dental clinic as a typology imposes specific programmatic and sequential requirements that reflect directly upon the operational flows of the practice.


Keeping these mandates in mind, the project proposal attempts to balance the conventions of health care delivery with a fun and immersive architectural experience. Just as the plan layout attempts to orchestrate a commingling of activities, so does the overarching super graphic deployed throughout. The plan organization of the project balances between the three programmatic focal points of the practice – the reception, check‐in and patient processing area, an open bay exam area where dental chairs are arranged in an open plan and the treatment side, with its private examination rooms and separate exit. The proposed dazzle graphic serves to highlight and reflect the connectivity and interdependency of programmatic elements, while visually stitching the interstitial zones between key pieces.