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MNOffice a Los Angeles and Yerevan based design practice

MNOffice is engaged in the production of speculative and built projects that study and cultivate works of cultural, spatial, and material interest. The firm's approach to design is site-specific, but its commitment to the clarity of an environment is unwavering. By producing a design narrative at the onset of each project – an atmospheric media tour through a range of visual references - we work to establish a clear 

 visual language. The goal is to build spaces that meet all the client’s needs and possess enduring value while unearthing a sensibility uniquely their own. This regard for the collaborative process extends beyond the design phase to a core group of building professionals, artists, consultants, and craftspeople with whom we engage in executing the vision.

Narineh Mirzaeian

Founder & Principal

Narineh Mirzaeian is founder and principal of MNOffice. She is a 2016-17 Fulbright Scholar, and her design work has garnered various accolades, including two AIA Design Excellence Awards and the 2006 P/A Award Grand Prize. Prior to establishing MNOffice she was an Architectural Associate at Gehry Partners for nine years where she played a key role in numerous architectural projects completed and under construction internationally.


 Mirzaeian completed her B.S.A. at the University of Southern California and M.Arch.II at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, where she was part of the award-winning team behind the third installment of the LA Now publication series. She has taught design courses at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and Woodbury University. Her work has been published in Progressive Architecture, GA, Architectural Record, Interior Design, and Metropolis.


Eliza Boghossian

Maria Galustian

Kate Gancedo

Daniel Greteman

Jamie Kleine

Brian Lee

Philip Li

Victoria McKenna

Neta Nakash

Sai Rojanapirom

Natalia Torossian

Yeqi Wang

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