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iWitness Exhibition

Los Angeles, CA



iWitness exhibition consists of a network of towering, skewed objects wrapped in photographic portraits of eyewitness survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The arrayed objects form a field condition that can be read and experienced from various vantage points. From afar, they appear to be a set similar to organisms, such as a heard or a flock. As one navigates the exhibit up close, the objects reveal their individual character and singular story. Immersed in the field, perspectival distortions begin to shape and frame the interstitial gaps between each object and define a landscape of jagged edges and soaring surfaces.



In Collaboration with Ara Oshagan with Levon Parian, Vahagn Thomasian, Anahid Oshagan


Image Credit:

Ara Oshagan, 2015



iWitness Website

Photo Gallery, Los Angeles Times


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