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Areni Winery & Hotel Masterplan

Vayots Dzor, Armenia


The Areni Winery & Hotel Masterplan is a boutique hotel and experimental winery nestled in the highlands of the Republic of Armenia. Situated in the village of Areni, Vayots Dzor, the site boasts some of the highest elevation vineyards in the world. Minutes away from the archeological site of Areni Cave 1, a winemaking complex dating back to 6,100 BC discovered in 2007, the project bridges this historic world wine culture with a rapidly growing, contemporary wine sector. It is the spirit of old and new forging a unique modern identity that propels this project.


In  planning the complex, references were drawn from historic regional towns and villages that used the rugged geography and geology of their sites as a way to organize and build density. As such, the massing approach to the project is one of utilizing the sloping topography of the site in a cascading series of indoor and outdoor experiences that house the hotel rooms, hotel amenities, rooftop terraces, gardens, and a central pool area.


The final masterplan considers infrastructure and integrates access to the site while accommodating the programmatic requirements of the project. Special consideration is given to siting of the programmatic elements, particularly the hotel rooms and essential support amenities such as the pool, bar, café, and restaurant.


A comprehensive landscaping strategy incorporating stepped and sloped wine gardens, thickets, orchards, pedestrian and bike paths transition visitors between hotel, indoor/outdoor amenities, and the winery. In addition to serving as connective tissue, the proposed landscaping strategy also addresses the edge conditions of the site, ensuring that it fits appropriately within the context of the village and its environs.

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