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Areni Winery & Hotel

Vayots Dzor, Armenia

2016 - 

Following the masterplan development of this highlands boutique hotel and experimental winery in Armenia, the architectural development continues to pursue the historic world wine culture and it current contemporary revival.


The articulation of the mass takes its cues from the local stone geology and stonework exemplified in the vernacular architecture of the region. Located close to the site are two significant monasteries from the 13th century, clad throughout in the local tufa stone depicting ornate carvings and reliefs of the liturgy. The project leverages stone as a local building material and proposes to meld the traditional artisanal techniques used throughout the area with digital craft. Here the ornamentation, an abstracted, secular pattern of rustication inspired by the nearby basalt columns and the rows used to plant the vineyards is applied to the massing strategically, unifying it in places and enhancing its striated, terraced qualities elsewhere. Apertures along the mass further engage the stacked units spanning between corner conditions in areas and allowing access to rooftop terraces.

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